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I have been a licensed clinical psychologist in the State of California (PSY 25071) since 2012. I hold a doctorate in psychology (Psy.D.) from the Wright Institute in Berkeley, California. I also hold a doctorate in sociology (Ph.D.) from Stanford University.


Before moving into private practice, I was a clinical psychologist at the Los Angeles LGBT Center, where I worked with gender expansive and gender nonconforming folks in the Transgender Behavioral Health Program. Prior to joining the LA LGBT Center, I worked for ten years in university counseling. I was a clinical psychologist at the University of Redlands Counseling Center, later serving as Associate Director and Training Director. Before Redlands, I worked in the counseling centers of The Claremont Colleges and the University of California, Santa Barbara. In addition, I give trainings to staff at local hospitals, nonprofits, and graduate schools on working with LGB+ folks, working with folks in the transgender communities, and on addressing body size in the clinical space.

My prior graduate training in sociology has proven more useful in my psychotherapy work than I ever imagined. As a result of the sociological lens, I take seriously the impact of structural forces, including institutionalized inequality, white supremacy, patriarchy, capitalism, heterosexual dominance, cisgenderism, ableism, and weight oppression, on our daily lives. Further, I see how the beliefs aligned with these structural forces can take up residency in our hearts and minds. With this framework, psychotherapy is a place to explore and uncover the often hidden ways these forces impact psychological health and also a place to build resilience and hope in the face of discrimination and systemic barriers. Psychotherapy is an act of revolution that has the power to heal both individuals and communities. 


Psy.D. & M.A., Clinical Psychology, The Wright Institute
Ph.D. & M.A., Sociology, Stanford University
B.A., Sociology & Religious Studies, Stetson University

Professional Memberships
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